Michael Veach: The Evolution of Bourbon

The only thing we here at The Century Bar enjoy more than a good bourbon, is the history behind that bourbon. 

This past Saturday, it was our pleasure to spend the afternoon with Michael Veach, The Bourbon Historian at The Filson Historical Society, and the author of Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey: An American Heritage.

Mr.Veach talked about the origin of bourbon and debunked some of the myths commonly associated with the water of life. Just a few of the annecdotes Veach talked about were:

  • Kentucky was considered the first American west because after the revolutionary war, Kentucky was the furthest most people had traveled.
  • The first mention of bourbon in a Kentucky newspaper was 1821.
  • The only war America has ever fought without a Whiskey Tax was the war with Mexico in the 1840’s.
  • Old Forester was the first bourbon ever sold exclusively in a bottle. Before then, Bourbon was sold by the barrel, not by the bottle.

It was a fascinating discussion, with lots of questions from the audience. We appreciate Mr. Veach making the drive up from Louisville to spend the afternoon with us, and we look forwatd to hosting him again in few weeks for The Filson Bourbon Academy Class.

The Class will take place on Saturday, October 19th. The class will be from 9am-5pm, and will cost $125.00. Seating is limited, so if you are interested please email Joe at joehead.century@gmail.com for more information.

Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey: An American Heritage can be purchased here

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